Blue Pill, Red Pill?

blue or red pill

One of the major problems in facing the Climate and Ecological Emergency is thinking about the future in a way that is realistic and truthful, rather than wishful. The future is open, so we can decide how to project it, and can also decide to shut down thoughts about it. There is a wealth of data on future projections, and a wealth of precedent, to show us what a climate-changed future might look like but it is very difficult to know how fast, where, and for whom the impacts will play out.


In the film, The Matrix, Neo is asked to choose. The Blue pill is to carry on in comfortable ignorance (except in his case he has started to see through the fantasy). The Red Pill is to see the truth of life in the present. Let’s say Blue is the global climate in the past. Red is the now and the future. 

In a group, however small, lay out some representations of blue pills and red pills. Choose which to ‘take’. Take turns to tell each other how you feel. What are the symptoms of this pill. What do you see?

What pill would you prescribe to others?