Changing organisations

The tools in this section are about how you can develop your organisations so that they are future-facing and resilient to environmental and social challenges. They address mindset and mission more than physical operations, such as reducing carbon footprints.

The tools include:

Aim for the Possible – thinking about what is both beneficial and effective, within bounds of possibility

Be Nature, Copy Nature – how cultural organisations can be inspired by nature, or biomimicry

Declare Emergency – what is involved and how do you plan for it?

Eco-economics – how cultural organisations can shift to a more a ecological economics

Explaining Ecocide – understanding ‘everyday’ ecocide, and how our role in the system feeds environmental devastation

Mapping Culture – thinking about what culture is, to help think about its role in an Emergency

Oily culture – thinking about the influence of the oil industry and whether cultural organisations should rid themselves of its influence

Possitopian about the future – a new way of planning for the future

Scenario Planning – a structured approach to envisage and plan for the future

Three Lenses – three ways of looking at the role of culture

Values and Frames – about the work of Common Cause on mental frames and compassionate values