Climate spin

climate spin

How do we help people feel more connected to nature, to care about non-human species, to grasp the complexities and urgency of the planetary emergency, and to make decisions about its many solutions? Generating more powerful and creative explanations for its many aspects is one answer to that question. As an arts or cultural worker or organisation, you are best placed to help with this. This exercise helps you practice so that you can integrate more nature marketing or climate communicating into your work.


Working alone or in pairs or groups, choose an environmental concept, or climate solution, or ecosystem or species, anything you are passionate about or feel is misunderstood or undervalued.

First of all, play with it as a concept and come at it slant: If it’s a smell, what is it? If it’s a character, who is it? If it’s an element, what is it? If it’s a colour, what is it? 

Second, reduce it down: Imagine you are explaining it to a family member at dinner but you don’t want to bore them. Or you have only 3 minutes to tell someone about it before a disaster might happen. 

Third, think about what goes wrong when this concept is typically communicated: How do people ignore or misinterpret it? What is missing? 

Fourth, choose a form that you like or are comfortable with: Poetry, drawing, statistical graphs, dramatic storytelling etc etc. At this stage, if you’ve been working in pairs or groups you might want to work alone. Can you explain or promote your concept using your chosen form?

Share, and discuss. What worked best? What can you learn and take forward from this?