Cultural response

These tools address the ways arts practitioners and cultural organisations can respond to environmental and social challenges.

A key aspect of Possible Culture is actively commissioning and developing arts and cultural projects that engage audiences and push the boundaries of practice.

See this blogpost for some systemic thinking about the types of cultural response, so far with 20 types identified.

Some tools in this section include:

A Learning Planet – an approach to learning that is planetary in scope and principles

Climate Spin – creative ways to communicate environmental and climate concepts

The top environmental problems – greed, selfishness and apathy

Grief for lost species – the role of culture in dealing with loss

Culture in the doughnut – where culture fits in the model of Doughnut Economics

Precautionary Principle – how cultural organisations can be precautionary

Sustainable Development Goals – working creatively with the SDGs

Thirteen risks  – how culture can respond to the thirteen risks of climate change