Grasping the situation

The tools in this section are for the Discover phase of your process. They help teams do research, share knowledge, and think about the wider context of environmental and social challenges we are facing.

They include:

Blue Pill or Red Pill – do you choose to face the truth of the Emergency? How does it feel?

Climate Coping Strategies – five different ways we cope with the changing reality, and how these affect our wellbeing

Mental frames – how mindsets and values influence or create our culture

Planetary boundaries – exploring the limits on the Earth’s operating system, including climate change

Response over time – thinking about time and forward planning in an Emergency

Synergistic problem-solving – seeing complex situations and planning interventions that go to the deep roots

The Logic Model of Climate Change – exploring climate change in terms of inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts

Through others’ eyes – empathy for others, especially those on the front lines

UK climate risks – how cultural organisations can consider the risks of climate change