Other resources

You might begin a process of reflection in your organisation by sharing knowledge about current initiatives and ideas on culture, climate change, ecology and social justice.

What are people aware of? What has influenced them? Where are the gaps? What is needed to provide resources, guidance and networking around this great task of change?

Here are some projects to tap into, or inspiring examples of organisations:

Artdotearth: A family of arts and ecology organisations centred around the South West of England – a great website promoting many residencies and exhibitions.

Arts Catalyst: Contemporary art about our changing world, science and environment.

Art Not Oil: A coalition of campaigners resisting sponsorship by oil companies

Cambridge Centre for Curiosity and Imagination: Focus on early years, creativity and the environment

Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice 

Culture Unstained: Research and engagement on oil sponsorship of culture

Cape Farewell: Artist journeys to environments that strongly indicate climate change

Centre for Contemporary Art in the Natural World: Commissions, research and exhibitions exploring ecology. Based in Exeter

CIWEM Arts & Environment Network: Research and arts projects on water and broader environmental topics

Climate Revolution: Backed by Vivienne Westwood, supporting creative activism against climate change

Commons Abundance Network

Creative Carbon Scotland

Culture Shift: How artists are responding to sustainability in Wales

Dark Mountain Project: A network of artists and writers who have stopped believing the stories civilisation tells us

Encounters Arts: Participatory creativity, dialogue and change projects in the South West

The Enoughness Project: Indigenous knowledge

Future Views Toolkit, research and a DIY workshop format to imagine the future of cultural learning. (By Flow Associates)

Grizedale Arts

Happy Museum: A network of museums exploring wellbeing through an environmental frame

Invisible Dust: Curation of high quality environmental contemporary art projects

Julie’s Bicycle: Guidance and frameworks to green the cultural sector, and in UK, to meet sustainability requirements of the Arts Council

Morning Boat: A floating lab for research and action about ecology

Museums and Climate Change Network

ONCA Gallery 

Open Jar Collective: Socially engaged arts collective

Platform London: Well-researched resources and campaigns on oil industry, economy and the arts

Socially Engaged Arts network

Stories of Change: OU research project on cultures and narratives of climate change

And here are some pinboards of many ideas for cultural responses:

Ideas for ecological innovation e.g. green product design that could be used in ethical enterprise, or promoted through your programmes

Ideas for green alternatives to eco-unfriendly events such as balloon releases and fire/fireworks

Ideas for Connecting Actions, or cultural interventions to increase empathy and compassion

Ideas for activism, using creative ideas to make a stand or be noticed

Ideas for projects to creatively communicate climate change (prepared for the Climate Hack run by Cambridge Museums)

Design ideas for taking culture on the road or out into the public realm (e.g. pop up museums)

Visual resources about ecocide and the impacts of climate change

Art and creativity about trees and forests (a resource from the Beuysterous initiative)